Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to participate in the 5th International Conference on Molecular Neurodegeneration, ICMN2018) to be held on June 11-13, 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme of this meeting will be on overlapping pathologies and common mechanisms. As in previous meetings, we are expecting a large crowd of scientists at all levels of their career.

  ICMN is held every two years as one of the most authoritative scientific symposiums in the field of molecular neurodegeneration. Leading experts in the field of neurodegeneration research will get together with the goal of reporting and learning about the latest findings. Various discussion forums will identify research priorities and promote collaboration. Participants will also have a great networking opportunity through diverse social activities during the ICMN2018.

  This international conference will provide a unique opportunity to present your work and keep up with the hot topics in the field of neurodegeneration. You will also have opportunities to meet friends and enjoy the city of Stockholm. So come and join us in Sweden in the summer of 2018!

Dr. Guojun Bu
Molecular Neurodegeneration

Dr. Huaxi Xu
Molecular Neurodegeneration

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the local Organizing Committee I am with great enthusiasm welcoming you to the city of Stockholm and to Stockholm University, official host of the 5th International Conference on Molecular Neurodegeneration (ICMN2018).
As the second conference in the history of the ICMN series to be held in Europe we are pleased to host you in the beautiful Swedish capital Stockholm. We are especially excited to welcome you to Stockholm during the time of year characterized by long bright days and only a few hours of darkness offering beautiful views of the city and its archipelago. We are also proud to announce that with the generous support by the City of Stockholm and the Stockholm County Council ICMN2018 participants will be given the opportunity to attend a Reception in Stockholm City Hall in which the Nobel festivities are hosted every year The carefully put together ICMN2018 program timely reflects on the major challenges we are currently facing in the search for strategies to prevent and cure many fatal neurodegenerative disorders. Emerging evidence of shared disease features amongst many clinically distinct disorders prompted the conference theme ‘Overlapping pathologies: Common mechanisms’ under which novel discoveries both from clinical and experimental studies will be presented.
The conference will take place in Aula Magna at the Stockholm University campus. The auditorium which is beautifully embedded in lush greens during the summer time was designed by the British-Swedish architect Ralph Erskine and offers an interior with a wide glass façade and natural daylight entering the through sun reflectors in the ceiling. The Stockholm University campus is well-connected and can easily be reached by subway or bus.
I am looking forward to meeting you at ICMN2018 in Stockholm.

Henrietta Nielsen
Senior Editor
Molecular Neurodegeneration
ICMN 2018 local organizer and host