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Beautiful Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and its surroundings are populated by more than 1.5 million inhabitants which makes Stockholm the largest city in the Nordic countries. The Stockholm area is a dynamic area and it is constantly growing. In fact, the Stockholm region is one of the five fastest growing areas in Europe.

The city which dates back all the way to the early 13th century, is situated at Sweden’s east coast facing the Baltic Sea and the Stockholm Archipelago which contains more than 25,000 islands. Stockholm has three distinct seasons with mild summers with an average temperature of between 20-23 degrees centigrade. The city is a ‘Green City’ and the first city to be awarded the European Green Capital award by the EU Commission in 2010. When visiting you will see why, for example public transport including subway, busses, commuter trains and public bikes take you around the city in no time!

Stockholm is easily accessible either through one of the city’s four airports, by train or by several international bus routes. For visitors, there are plenty of things to see and plenty of things to do in Stockholm! The city houses three of Sweden’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites; the old Viking outpost Birka, Drottningholm Palace and the Woodland Cemetery. While visiting in the summer why not enjoy a beautiful sightseeing tour by boat in the Archipelago, or stroll through the Old Town, one of the best preserved European city centers from medieval times dating back to the founding of Stockholm in 1252. While in town, don’t miss to visit the City Hall, one of the most famous landmarks of Stockholm and in which building the Nobel Prize banquet is held every year on December 10. You are also welcome to visit the Royal Palace, the official residency of Sweden’s royal family. The palace houses five museums and if you time your visit right you will also be able to see the daily changing of the guard.

For the gastronomy-interested visitors Stockholm also has lots to offer! Stockholm is a melting pot offering restaurants serving food from around the world including several Michelin-starred restaurants. When in Sweden however do not miss to try the traditional meatballs, pickled herring, smoked salmon and don’t forget to take a break from your busy visiting schedule to enjoy Fika with coffee/tea and a cinnamon roll or chocolate ball in the mid-afternoon.

Looking for something to bring back home? Your choice of Swedish traditional crafts, glass and designer clothes is endless in Stockholm!

Welcome to Stockholm!

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